Wednesday, December 3, 2008

We Love the mountains!!! Every chance that we get to take the kids up and hike, we'll try and do it! We had such a lovely time last weekend. The weather was beautiful. The smell of the trees and sound of nature was great. We went on a small easy hike first, even Jon walked the whole way without asking for a ride!!!
We say beautiful wild mushrooms that the kids were intrigued by.

Tom tried to convince Jon that the Smurfs lived here!!!

After taking the easy hike, we decide to go to the top and see how high we could get before the snow stopped us. We made it all the way up, and hiked to the 'look out'. We weren't quite prepared for the cold wind that was hitting us fiercly! By the time we made it to the top, I had enough., so we promptly took a couple of pics, and went back down!!!

And last but not least, at home we played in the leaves!!!!