Monday, January 19, 2009

What a week we have had!!! One day a kid is sick, on the same day of the little ones birthday party...needless to say, he and Daddy had to miss it! He managed 2 1/2 days of school this week. Luckily he is a good patient and just read his books everyday.
I have managed to work out almost everyday though. It does give me more energy if I do it correctly and not stop the treadmill before my 20 min!
By the end of this week, my middle child got pretty ill, that lasted 4 days....she needs a little more attention when she doesn't feel well. She needs to be near me at all times.
By the time she was feeling better last little one woke up and decided that it was his turn to be sick...most of the night!
But through prayer, everyone was fine when we woke up this morning!!!! It never fails that when one kid gets sick, it stragles on for what seems forever before the last one finally gets better!!
I had a great time of just reading out loud to the kids from Scripture when they were all layed up. I love seeing them finally realize how to put the Word into their everyday life. The Lord is Good! If I knew how to put in music, I would put in a hymn. But I'm not that technical!!! Mabey I will find something more interesting to write about when Noahs Basketball games start, but until then, my mind is mush! I look forward to a week of healthy kids!!!

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Becky said...

Poor Mommy! But I'm glad its all over. its great when the kids surprise you with knowing part of God you didn't know they knew. Whew, how is that sentence working through the mush. Hope to see you soon.