Tuesday, January 6, 2009

We started back to the grind of the school schedule! Everything seems to be getting back to normal.
Monday morning was hard. No one wanted to get up, and no one woke up on the right side of the bed!! But we made it through, and weren't even late to school! Daddy did stay home with Jon, so that really helped.
Now I just need to get me on a more efficient schedule. You know...one that actually will accomplish more than one task per day!! I don't have any excuse with two of the kids being at school all day!!
I will try to get up before the kids, and go for a walk on my treadmill. Yes, Tom finally got it in the house. I have yet to use it for walking on though. It is great to hang sweaters on!!!! So I need to put the sweaters away, and actually use it for walking!! So if I can walk a mile or two, then I can take a shower, and start my first cup of coffee, I can wake up the kids, and be awake enough to have more patients with them while in the morning rush!!!
Well, that is my plan. I will have to let you know if it works!!! Now it is off to enjoy the quiet, peaceful house!

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Becky said...

If you complete one entire task from start to finish a day... I would consider that a very fruitful day. :-D I hope your pre kid morning workout and cup of joe works better for you. I am just not a morning person.