Monday, November 10, 2008

Soccer is almost over!! We've had a great time though. Elizabeth had her soccer party and recieved her very first trophy!! She is very proud of it too, polishing it every hour or so!! Unfortunatley, the pictures from the party didn't come out at all. But she actually played very well saturday, and those of you that know her, know that is rare!!! She loves it when she is "into it". But when she's not, she will be everywhere, but the game!!! You know, chasing butterflies, doing her hair, talking to her friends, doing cartwheels..... the list goes on!!! But of course, now that the season is over, she is actually playing!!! Well, next week is the last game of the year, and then we will have our Saturdays back!! Until Noah starts basketball after the New Year anyway!!!! I love being a Mom, even though sometimes it fees like you never stop!!! They will be grown before we know it!!
Well, I'm off to finish making the beds, and sorting laundry, a never ending chore at our house!!! We are excited that Grandma Bee is visiting for a week, we enjoy her company!!! I am blessed with a Mother in law that I absolutely love and enjoy being with! Until later!!!Have a great day!!!!

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Becky said...

Yay for Elizabeth. And LOL about the list of things things she does other than soccer while playing soccer. I hope Grandma Bee can give you a well deserved break or even better a date night.