Saturday, November 1, 2008

Well, I thought that I might start a blog so that all of our family and friends can see how fast the kids are growing, and keep up with us!! I will start with trick-or-treating. I didn't really want to take the kids out, but Noah is persistant!!! They all had a great time, and we now have three big bowls of candy that I have to hide!!!

We start off by coming home from school to carve our pumpkins. Elizabeth loved pulling out the seeds, but wasn't quite ready for carving solo!

Is't she a cute blueberry!! Leave it to her to want something I could't go and buy!!

Jonathon wasn't there for the carving, he was working with Daddy, but he has now been a cowboy for 4 straight days, and I think he may be on tomorrow for church!!! He has truly embraced his character!!

Noah was a combination of Harry Houdini, and James Bond. He called himself Double O'dinni!! He actually did his entire pumkin alone!

Sorry for the wierd layout here, but I don't really know what I'm doing yet!!! Bear with me.

Well, after carving, we headed out to meet some friends. We met up with a great group of kids, and parents, and saw a lot of kids from school and soccer. The houses were fun, and only had a couple of houses to scary for Elizabeth. By the end of the road, we were losing the cowboy and blueberry, so then we headed back home for a late supper.

Of course I had 5 kids doing the candy exchange in the back of the car, and the excitement rose quickly as they shoved all the could in their mouths!! My friend and I got them all inside where they continued to stuff their faces with candy!! An hour or so later, and I finally had dinner ready, and all of the kids actually ate!! The parents ate later, but I think we were more tired than the kids!!! We all had a great time though, fellowship is always fun!! Today, we just enjoyed being together, and enjoyed the rain from out cozy house, that we have grown to love. But I will post those pictures another day!! Happy Reformation Day!!

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Becky said...

Hey there! You did a great job on your first post. What a long day... but you are used to it ;-)